Partnering with God and people to

Meet the needs of others

To bless the nations by mentoring leaders, and feeding and educating the poor

Betty Swann Ministries impacting the nation of Pakistan
Feeding and clothing the children in Africa with Betty Swann Ministries

Betty Swann Ministries

Dedicated to empower, enable and encourage others throughout the world by training and mentoring individuals and leaders to impact their world.

Our mission is to teach and support people so they may contribute their specific God-given talents to help spread God’s Word, share God’s love, and bless the nations by working to meet their urgent needs.

Many of us do not have the knowledge or even the ability to imagine the extreme conditions of poverty in which a large majority of people throughout the world live. It’s so easy to distance ourselves from what happens outside our communities or what we know everyday life to be. The numbers of people in need are vast. 

Some of their needs are so modest that it is humbling to us, and we have never known such a desire for something so basic. We don’t think twice about those commodities, whether it be love, food, medicine, education or other needs.

We each have the power within us to change someone’s circumstances individually. God has blessed us with talents and gifts that are extraordinary when we combine them with others’ abilities and we trust in Him to bring it to pass.

We want to be a part of helping individuals find their God-given talents. Through God’s love and guidance we can unite and use each God given role to make a difference in this world. No part is too small. It will take all of us to make a difference.

We want Betty Swann Ministries to be a reflection of God’s amazing grace and love.

Bill and Betty Swann
Betty Swann teaching

Get to know our ministries

Our success relies solely on the support of earnest prayers for our every need, and God has been incredibly faithful to tell people to partner with us financially and in actual activity. Because of that, we can make a huge impact on the world around us.

Mentoring Leaders

Before starting Betty Swann Ministries (BSM), Betty began mentoring people around the world after completely dedicating her life to the call of God in 1970. The BSM team mentors people not only in the areas of their professional expertise, but also in the private issues of their daily lives. They share from the heart the wisdom they have learned in their own lives.


  • Mentoring Individuals and Groups

  • Discipleship Training

  • Conferences

  • Educating and Feeding People

  • Global TV Ministry

Refugees in Europe

In 2006, Betty Swann received a call from the Lord to mentor refugees from all over Europe. At the time, the huge influx into Europe had not happened. She just knew that someday that call from God would begin. It began in 2017 with lots of research into the issue and discussions with various people in Europe. In May 2018, Betty and her husband Bill began their ministry together of reaching the refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers that are flooding Europe. Betty has visited with people on both sides of the issue. It is a huge dilemma that only God in Heaven can solve due to its enormity. We at BSM fully expect Him to do that. 

Ministry to Pakistan

Beginning in 2008 with an innocent email from a young pastor in Pakistan and an incredible miracle of connection by the power of the Holy Spirit, thousands of lives have been touched, and transformed.


  • Mentoring Church Leaders

  • Projector Shows for Adults and Children

  • Mobile Bible Schools

  • Educational Schools

  • Video Bible College

  • Feeding the Poor by Pennies from Heaven

  • SD Cards for Phones

Betty Swann Ministries serving the Lepers in Africa

Ministry to Africa

Beginning in 2005, BSM began taking teams to Africa in 5 nations: Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda. This ministry involved feeding the poor, paying for education, and a huge ministry for setting the women free to become pastors, teachers, and evangelists.


  • Training and Equipping Women Leaders

  • Sending People to Trade Schools and Universities

  • Feeding and Clothing Orphans and Street Children

  • Building an Orphanage in Kenya

  • Drilling Water Wells

  • Equipping Pastors with resources for their ministry

  • Help to Lepers (feeding, clothing, medical aide, job training, and houses)

Wisdom in the Night

“Wisdom in the Night” is a unique TV show available in various boroughs of New York City and in over 190 countries. On the show, Betty Swann interviews people from all walks of life, from different nationalities, and of all ages. She discusses what life was like for them as they grew up, how they came to strong faith in the Lord, how they discovered their purpose, what challenges they faced, and what wisdom they gained on their journey.

Wisdom in the Night from Betty Swann Ministries
Wisdom in the Night Episode 7 with John Luppo, Former Wall Street Executive. John shares his life experiences growing up in the Bronx NY, to his career in Wall Street. John tells us his inspirational story of how he found hope after hitting rock bottom.
Wisdom in the Night Episode 6 with Lisa Lucas, Line Builder/Designer for Gianni Bini Footwear. Lisa shares her life experiences with growing up to living her dream and the lessons God has taught her.
Wisdom in the Night Episode 5 with Caleb Perkins, president of the non-profit Remedy Network. Caleb shares his search for ways to make a difference in people lives who might go by unnoticed. Caleb is a young business entrepreneur.
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Pennies from Heaven

From a small beginning, Pennies from Heaven has grown from $3.22 to feeding families, orphans and street kids in over 20 countries including Kenya and Pakistan. By picking up pennies and small change everywhere you see them – in the street, in your car, in your house, everywhere – or by donating any amount of money, you can help us feed people. In Pakistan, we can feed one person for about $0.10 per meal, and up to $1.25 per meal for a family in other countries.

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Betty Swann feeding the hungry through Pennies from Heaven

School of Discipleship

Have you ever wished you could be trained and discipled in depth in the various areas of the Christian life? If so, the School of Discipleship is designed to provide in-depth training for pastors, teachers, leaders, and individual Christians in order to be prepared to serve others with the love of Jesus.

The focus is on practical Christianity that can be lived on a daily basis. It includes the eight basic areas of living the Christian life: Basic Discipleship, Intimacy with God, Prayer, Holy Spirit Power, Leadership Skills, Relationship Skills, Walking Free from Your Past, and Character Studies of Men and Women from the Bible. Transcriptions are provided with every lesson so that you can quickly translate it to any language.

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