Pillar Four: Holy Spirit Power – Understanding the Anointing

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Today we are going to talk about the anointing and understanding it. What is it? Why do you have to have it when you do something for God? What is it all about? What is it that makes one person you listen to when they preach you feel like they just started when they finish? You feel like you could listen to them for hours. What makes another person when they preach and you feel like, “Surely you have been talking for hours” and you look down and it has been 15 minutes. What about when somebody sings and one person has a beautifully trained voice, but it does not touch you the same as someone who sings under the anointing of God? It is a wonderful thing. It is from God. It is His blessing. It is His sign that He has poured out on you and you are doing what He wanted you to do. It is the power of God working through you in all kinds of places. You do not have to be in a church doing something for God to have the anointing of God. You can be at the grocery store and all of a sudden you are talking to someone, a complete stranger maybe, and you know something to say to them. You start saying it and you can feel something happening to you on the inside. You can feel it. Sometimes you cannot feel it. Sometimes someone will come up and they will say, “That was so anointed when you said that.” You think, “I did not feel it.” You do not always feel it, but when you can it is wonderful.

What is the anointing all about? It is what makes people aware of God. It perks up their ears and they listen. You get anointed for a ministry. What do I mean by that? It can happen in any kind of way. Paul said to Timothy to “Be sure and stir up that gift that came on you when the elders prayed over you and laid their hands on you and when I prayed for you.” It can come that way. It can come with God just speaking to your heart. In 1976, I was sitting in a church service in a small town and some friends of mine had gone there to preach and sing. I just said that I would go with them. I was sitting there and the Spirit spoke to me, “Go up and be anointed for a healing and a deliverance ministry.” I did not even know what that meant. I did not know what anointed meant. I did not know what a healing and deliverance ministry meant so I just sat there. I did not know what to do. I was not even sure where that came from. I just sat there. In a minute it was a little stronger and it was, “Go up and be anointed for a healing and deliverance ministry.” During the prayer time I went up to these two men and I said, “The Lord has told me to come up here and be anointed for a healing and deliverance ministry. Do you know what that means?” They said, “Oh yes, sure, we know. We do that in this church. We will get some oil.” They got some oil and they anointed me. They just put oil on me and prayed for me. I nearly fell over in the Spirit, it was so powerful. I was going to go back and sit down and I turned around to walk off. One of them grabbed me and said, “Oh no, if God called you to do this and you have been anointed to do it, just start praying for people right now.” They sent me over to a group of people. I can remember praying for a woman who had been raped. God set her free. I look back now and I can see that I had an anointing all of these years for inner healing and deliverance. I have prayed with hundreds, maybe thousands of people all over the world, for things that are so deep within them that they would not tell anybody. God sent them to me, I prayed for them, say what God tells me to say and they get set free. It is the anointing that breaks the yoke. That is what it says in Isaiah. It is the anointing that breaks the yoke.

If you are trying to serve God and nothing is working and you are frustrated and you do not see any power coming through your life, maybe you are doing something God has not anointed you to do. You just thought it was a good idea. Maybe said that you need to be doing that and you did not know so you said, “Okay, I will do that.” Yet, you are not anointed to do it. You can go before the Lord and say, “Lord, do I do this or do I back away from it? I am not going to do it unless you anoint it and I know your power is on it.”

Were there people in the Bible that were anointed? Yes, there really were. Look at this first Scripture, I Samuel 10:1. “Then Samuel took a flask of oil, poured it on Saul’s head and kissed him. He said, do you see what this means? God has anointed you to be prince over His people.” God did not want them to have a king. He wanted to be their king and they just kept insisting. Finally God said, “Okay, I will give you a king. I will give you an anointed king.” He gave them one. Saul did not take that anointing seriously. He did not move in closer to God. He wanted to be a people pleaser and he lost the anointing. He lost it. In order for the anointing to be on your life and enable you to do things with a greater strength than you can do on your own, there are maybe three requirements. They are not in the Bible, but I think you would agree that these are very important in order to have this in your life. One is to walk in holiness. Saul did for a while and when he went back to his old ways it left. Another is when you walk in an attitude of repentance or cleansing. Saul really messed up, but he did not repent and asked to be cleansed so he could continue. If you are watching this show and you go, “I used to be anointed. I really messed up.” Repent, ask God to cleanse you, ask Him to cause you to move again in His plan for your life, and you will see it come back. There is another one. You need to be planted in the house of God. There are a lot of people today who do not go to church anymore. They do not think it is important. They do not see a need for it. They say there are all of those hypocrites for it. No, if there was anybody on earth who knew a hypocrite when He saw one, it was Jesus Christ. It says He was in the synagogue as was his custom. Just do it like Jesus did then you do not have to wonder, “Am I doing it right Lord.” Just do what He did.

Look at this second Scripture. This is in I Kings 19:16. Here is an order. “Then anoint Jehu, son of Nimshi to be king of Israel and anoint Elisha, son of Shaphat from the town of Abelmeholah to replace you as my prophet.” This was Elijah. It was time for Elijah to leave and go to be with God and God was telling him the plan. I want you to anoint Elisha. Sometimes in ministries today you see people who have a big ministry and when they are getting older they just put their children in there, but the children are not anointed. The father was anointed. The mother was anointed. The children are not. You have to be really careful that you hear God and you say “Lord who is my replacement. Who is the one anointed to do this?” Listen and do what He says.

God determines what the anointing is on, not you. You cannot go to God and say, “God, I have this great idea. I just think this would fly and just be the greatest thing. Would you anoint it?” It is not going to happen. No, we are the servants of the Lord. He is not our servant and so we have to go to Him and just be still before Him and let Him tell you what He wants done, how He wants it done, when He wants it done and who it is to be done with. That is God’s business. If God is not in it, it is not going to happen. I do not care of you fast, read the Bible for 24 days. I do not care if you have other people praying. It does not matter. All that matters is if God has told you to do something.

I will tell you something else that is really wonderful that I have sure seen in my life about the anointing. It works in spite of you. Every one of us have up and down days and yet, if you are a leader, you have to go when you are down. You have to go when you are tired. You have to go just when you do not want to go. You have to do a good job. Your soul and your body can be tired but the anointing can pour out of you anyway. I have seen that in my husband. He is real busy. He has a real busy practice, works long, long hours and when it is his turn to teach something there are so many times that he is just racing from one thing to the next. He is praying, “God help me to get there. Help me to do it. I am just exhausted.” I will watch and he has an anointing on him that everybody is just listening. He gets through and I say, “Oh honey, that was great.” He says, “I did not feel anything.” It was great. You see, even when you do not feel you are good enough for the job, which Saul did not feel, even if you feel like you do not speak well, which Moses felt like, God can still use you powerfully because it is His calling on your life.

Here is the third Scripture, II Corinthians 1:21, “It is God who enables us (you can put anoints us right there) along with you to stand firm for Christ. He has commissioned us.” The anointing is an enabling. It is a commissioning. It is an ability to stand for Christ when there are so many odds. I am thinking about those two young women right after September 11. They were those two young missionaries who were captured in Afghanistan. Everybody was so worried about them. They were there, I think, 93 days. I am not sure but it was pretty long. When you hear about those women they came out in the power of God. They were scared. They were tired. It was hard but they came out as strong for God as they went in because God’s anointing was on their life.

What can you look at and see to make sure something is anointed? Here are some ideas. 1) It blesses people. 2) It promotes you. 3) It favors you. 4) It delivers you. 5) It releases you. 6) It increases. Did you know that? One time in my life, in 1992, we were having a preacher come in to do all of these meetings. He was giving lots of prophetic words. At that time I really had moved a little bit in the prophetic but not like I do now at all. He gave me a prophetic word. He pointed at me and he said, “God has a new anointing for you.” I was right in the middle of leading this women’s ministry, getting it off the ground, learning what I was doing. I was tired to be truthful. I thought, “Wait a minute. He did not say fresh anointing, which I thought I needed, he said new anointing.” It was the summer before I even took this ministry on. I had been teaching working women at night, so that is why I thought, “Boy, he did not say fresh anointing, he said new anointing.” What does that mean? I did not know what it meant. It meant He had a new thing for me to do and that was when I was given women’s ministry two months later. He told me. He prepared me. He got me ready. I had been faithful in what God had called me to do. I had done it the best I could and God was elevating me. When God elevated me to doing this television program that anointing increased. As most of you know who watch this, I got burned really badly and I think what I went through there increased my anointing. I am not afraid of going out into dangerous places, even having bad things happen to me because I learned God somehow, someway, will be there to help me and preserve me. You can learn things like that.

How do you know when to quit something? Let us say that God has called you and you have been anointed and all of a sudden it is just not working. It is not working at all and you can tell. God is faithful. He will remove the anointing. He will be talking to you but He will remove it. That just happened to me. I was teaching a Bible study and I loved those women. Yet the Lord was ready for me to move on and do something else. He began to make it where it was harder and harder for me to do it, to get there, too many things happening, to be prepared and I just had to pray and pray and pray. Finally, I began to sense the Lord is through with me here. I had to let go. I love those women and I did not want to let go of them. You have to go when God says go. One of the ways He shows you is He removes that anointing that has always been there.

What is a dead work? A dead work is when you do something for God and He did not tell you to do it, or when you get this great idea to do something and God did not tell you to do it. He did not ordain it. He is not going to bless it. It sounds real good but there is no anointing. Ministry is a whole lot harder without the anointing. There are people in the ministry today, one of you is watching me right now, and God bless you, but your ministry is hard. You cannot understand why. Go back and get before the Lord and say, “Father, did You call me to this or did I just step into this and I should not have?” God will show you what to do and He will lead you to the place that you need to be. You can see the anointing on people, like David. People were so drawn to David. There was something very, very special. He was not a normal person. He was a normal person, like you and I, having a family and all of that, but when that anointing came on him, he could write songs that we read today. Do you realize that that man wrote the Psalms over 2,500 years ago? When Jesus was alive, Jesus quoted the Psalms. That means Jesus was blessed by the Psalms because He remembered them. He quoted them. David had an anointing on what he was doing that carried on way way after he was gone. Can a human do that? No, but God can do it. Remember, you can lose the anointing through disobedience. Who is somebody that did that? Samson. He was called to be a judge. His folks raised him so carefully. They made sure. How do we raise him? What do we do? Samson loved the women and he did not want to stay away from those wild women. He liked wild women. He got one in his life. He got Delilah and it nearly cost him everything. An amazing thing, somehow, and I do not understand it and maybe you do. Somehow, it was tied up in his long hair. When that was cut he could not do what he had done before. Before that, he had supernatural strength. After that, he had nothing. You have to keep staying committed and humble in your life in order for God to pour it out on you.

Here is one that will shock you. Did you know that Satan was anointed before he fell? Anointed. Let us look at that. In Psalms 89:38, “But you have rejected, you have spurned, you have been very angry with your anointed one.” Ezekiel 28:14, this is talking specifically about the devil. “You were anointed as a guardian cherub for so I ordained you.” God ordained him. “You were on the Holy Mount of God. You walked among the fiery stones.” We do not even know what those fiery stones are. What was that on the Mount of God? Satan, instead of remaining dedicated. humble and living a holy life; he began to worship the anointing. He began to think, “Oh this is me. Why, I could be like God. Who does He think He is? Look how anointed I am. I am going to be like God.” God was so angry. You cannot think that you have something special and you are God’s little pet because God does not allow sin. It does not matter who you are, where you have been, what you have done, He is not going to let it happen. When He removes that anointing, you know it because you are not very effective.

How do you know when it is not the anointing? Maybe this will help you look at your life. You have to make it happen. You cannot just walk in the Spirit of God and it happens. You have to keep making it happen and making it happen. Another one, this is what Saul went through, you try to obey the Holy Spirit and people at the same time. Instead, you just listen to the Holy Spirit. He will give you favor with the right people. Here is another one; you are concerned that you get the honor. You want people to notice you. You want people to honor you. It is not about that. The Kingdom of God is about God. We are just the people being used by God to help make things happen.

I am going to give you some more. It is the anointing when it comes with a pure heart and pure motives. What does it do in your fight against demons, evil and evil people? It will give you great faith and boldness. When that anointing comes on you, there is a boldness that comes on you and a faith that is beyond any faith you have had. When you share with that kind of anointing on you people’s lives are changed. People get blessed and you get insight into proper training and proper behavior. The training that God gives you in moving in the anointing, it is more than just average training that you go through. It is God training you Himself.

What else? It refuses to promote itself. God loves humble people because God is very humble. I think if we could go in the presence of God we would be shocked at how humble He is because we would be thinking, “You are God. You run everything.” He would be very humble. Why? Because He does not need to be a big shot. He is a big shot. He does not have to try to impress you. If you think you have lost it, you repent and it will come back.

I want to go over some kinds of anointings that you can see today. I am going to try to give you some Scriptures about it. A pastoral anointing; you are anointed to be a pastor. That is Ephesians 4:11-16. A teacher anointing, same place. A worship leader, a song writing anointing. That is I Chronicles 15-16 and I Chronicles 25:1. An intercessor anointing; that means God calls you to pray for people all over the world. It is so important. That is Proverbs 31:9 and Genesis 18:23-33. An apostolic anointing; that is where you go and set things in place, in churches all over the place and you are the one who goes in and helps them get it all set up right. That is Titus 1:1. A prophetic anointing; this is a person who moves in the office of the prophet and there are people like that today in Romans 12:6 and Daniel 11:1. How about an apostolic business anointing? You are a business man or a business woman; God can anoint you. That is where you are supposed to be. You are not supposed to be working in the church. You are not supposed to be preaching. You are supposed to be doing business. Genesis 41:37-41. An administrative anointing; you just seem to have an ability to put things together so well, organize it so well. Who had that anointing? Joseph. Here it is in the Bible in I Kings 3:10-14 telling about that. If you want to read about Joseph, it is in Genesis. A giving anointing; you just seem to have an ability to make money, not spend money and give money in Mark 12:42-44 and Proverbs 11:25. A craftsmanship anointing; you are an anointed artist. You are anointed in working with crafts. Zechariah 1:20, Exodus 36:1-2. There is an anointing for working with youth, with teenagers. Those youth leaders, they can inspire kids. If you have an anointing you really make sure you live a Godly life because I can tell you the devil is really going to come after you. If he can make you fall in front of all of those kids, they will quit following God possibly. It is very important. It is such a high calling. Working with children; there are people who are so gifted with working with children. There is an anointing for evangelism. I knew a guy who could lead anybody to the Lord. It was exciting to be around him. His name was Billy Hobbs and he was amazing to watch. There are healing anointings and there a different kinds of healing. The Bible says gifts of healing; some are mental, some are physical, some are just liberating people to walk out of things. There is also an anointing for extraordinary miracles. Think about Peter and Paul. They would walk by and their handkerchief would heal people. Their shadow would heal people. There is even an anointing to make money and that goes with the gift of giving but you can use it to finance the Kingdom of God. What a wonderful calling.

God has an anointing for you and He wants you to walk in it. Even your home can be anointed. Go through your home with some oil and just cast out every angry thing that has been done and say, “Bless this house, Lord.”


1. What is meant by the anointing of the Lord?
2. How does the anointing come to a person?
3. What does the anointing allow you to do?
4. How does staying connected to God and remaining humble affect God’s anointing on you?
5. What does anointing do against evil?
6. Review the kinds of anointing. Have you been anointed for one of these?

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