Joyous partnering with God and people to meet the needs of others.

Mobile Bible College

Pastor Nadeem and Betty Swann

Beginning in June 2009, with an amazing miracle, two people–Betty Swann from the USA and Pastor Nadeem Saleem from Pakistan were divinely connected to reach untouched villages throughout Pakistan with the Projector Ministry. From there, mobile Bible schools have started and educational centers for teaching reading and writing to people who are basically indentured servants to brick kilns and have no hope at all of ever being educated.. Many hungry people have been fed with food from Pennies From Heaven. Several people have begun businesses in mircro-finance. This is all such a great work in a country that has war going on at the same time.

The BSM Projector Ministry which shows Betty’s TV show, “What is My Cross?” has been seen by almost 20,000 people since September 29, 2009, and over 16,000 have made decisions for Christ in 300 villages in Pakistan. No one else seems to be doing anything like this projector ministry and Nadeem has pastors calling him all the time asking how in the world he is doing it (and on as little money as he is doing all of it on.)

The BSM Mobile Bible School has already graduated 2200 people in 41 bible schools. Before graduating they have to be taught 10 of the basic lessons from my GLC TV shows and memorize 25 Bible verses (they cannot read or write for the most part). In one area we started the next Mobile Bible School in a village where 1400 attended the movie and 1000 made decisions. They shouted with joy today when they heard they are the ones who get the next Mobile Bible School.

We have started 10 BSM Educational Centers with over 1200 adults and children learning to read and write in Urdu and English. There was no chance of this happening in their lives.
One of our next goals is to get people donating $15 a month to help one of the young people go to the government school. Without our help, they would never have this opportunity. One girl said to her faither, “Now I can become a teacher or a doctor.”

We have started nine people in their own business with micro-finance loans. They had no hope for generations of ever getting out of debt to the brick kiln owner.

We now have a Video Bible College from the finest teachers in the world on the videos. It is a two year program in Lahore, Pakistan, and we have graduated one class of 40 people and the second one of 22 people is almost done.

Our next plan is to take it to several villages all at once and graduate pastors, evangelists, and teachers who would never be able to move to Lahore in order to go to bible college. Out of this we expect house churches to start in villages all over Pakistan.

We have fed 754 families and children—over 3000 people with food products from mney gathered by Pennies From Heaven.

In 2014, we began the SD Card Ministry to cell phones. Most people do not have smart phone in Pakistan, but every phone has an SD card slot. On each SD card we have the bible in Urdu, the Jesus movie in Urdu and a short video by me telling people how to be born again. This ministry has taken off like wildfire among all levels of people.

Betty and Bill will be returning to Pakistan to minister in October, 2014. They will be taking Dave Clark to begin his Father’s Cry ministry and also Cindy Curtis, head of the prayer ministry who will train workers in intercessory prayer.
Pakistan is primarily an Islamic nation where political and religious tensions are high, but Christianity is growing, even though there is deep persecution.

Nothing stops God from doing what He wants to do.